Is Listing to Leads Deep Dive Worth the Hype? Unveiling Reviews, Pricing, and Features

by Conor Mckay

Are you tired of drowning in a sea of online listings, struggling to generate leads for your real estate business? Well, it’s time to take a deep dive into the world of Listing to Leads! In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the features, pricing, and user reviews of this powerful tool that promises to turn your listings into a lead-generating machine. So, buckle up and get ready to ride the wave of success with Listing to Leads!

Listing to Leads: A Comprehensive Review

Imagine a world where the tedious task of generating leads is not only simplified but also infused with the precision of a well-oiled machine. This is the world that Listing to Leads promises to deliver to real estate professionals. With its inception by visionaire Scott Pierce on April 2nd, 2009, this innovative service has been revolutionizing real estate marketing by offering tailored PPC advertising and lead generation services. Let’s dive into the details that make Listing to Leads a standout in the competitive real estate landscape.

Feature Description
Lead Generation Automated process tailored for real estate professionals.
PPC Advertising Targeted advertising aimed at maximizing lead acquisition.
Clientele Primarily real estate agents and lenders.
Founding Date April 2nd, 2009.
Free Trial 14-day trial to experience services.

At its core, Listing to Leads is a hybrid platform, blending automated services with tools that empower users to take charge. The company’s bold promise is to streamline your real estate lead generation process, transforming it into an automated symphony that plays to the tune of increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Stepping into the realm of Listing to Leads, one can sense the meticulous care taken to craft services that not only cast a wide net to capture leads but also target them with the precision of an archer. As a real estate agent or lender, you find that the platform offers a rich suite of marketing features designed to not only attract buyer leads but also to entice potential sellers—casting a spotlight on your listings that’s hard to ignore.

In my endeavor to peel back the layers of Listing to Leads’ offerings, I embarked on a 14-day journey of exploration, courtesy of their free trial. The welcome I received was far from generic; it was a personalized email from none other than Scott Pierce himself. This touch of personalization gave a glimpse into the level of care and attention the company extends to its clients.

As I navigated through the platform, it became evident that Listing to Leads is not just a tool but also an educational resource. It offers a treasure trove of tutorials and material specifically crafted to elevate one’s real estate marketing and lead generation prowess.

As this overview unfolds, we will delve deeper into the features, pricing, and the practical application of Listing to Leads in real estate marketing strategies. We will also explore testimonials from users who have walked this path before, shedding light on the tangible benefits and potential drawbacks of the service.

Stay with us as we continue to unravel the fabric of Listing to Leads, stitching together the insights that will help you decide whether this service is the missing piece in your real estate marketing puzzle.

Features of Listing to Leads

In the dynamic landscape of real estate marketing, Listing to Leads emerges as an innovative force, meticulously engineered to enhance the lead generation process. This platform is a beacon of automation, shining a light on the path to success for real estate professionals who navigate the competitive terrain of buying and selling properties. With a suite of features that are as comprehensive as they are efficient, Listing to Leads positions itself as a vital ally in the marketing arsenal of real estate agents and lenders.

Lead Generation Tools

At the core of its offering, Listing to Leads deploys an array of lead generation tools that capitalize on the various stages of property listings. Picture this: a real estate agent has a portfolio of properties, each at different phases of the selling cycle. Listing to Leads provides a toolkit to create bespoke marketing campaigns for each status, from “Just Listed” to “Open House” to “Price Reduced.” The platform’s prowess extends across popular channels like Facebook and Instagram, where eye-catching ads are paired with compelling landing pages, acting as digital lighthouses guiding prospects towards a treasure trove of lead magnets. These include enticing forms that beckon with the promise of exclusive PDF guides and other resources.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Once a prospect’s curiosity is piqued, Listing to Leads nurtures this interest with automated emails, ensuring that the initial spark of engagement is fanned into the flame of a strong client relationship. For those who prefer the tactile impact of print, the platform doesn’t disappoint, supplying a variety of print marketing materials such as flyers and postcards, ready to be dispatched to the physical world.

Customizable Landing Pages

Diving deeper into the digital realm, Listing to Leads offers customizable landing pages that serve as the cornerstone of online lead conversion. These are not mere templates but are the keystones of a robust digital strategy, designed to capture seller leads with precision. Each landing page, from “Market Report” to “HUD Homes for Sale,” is a crafted experience, intended to resonate with potential clients and drive them to action. The nuances of customization allow for the injection of an agent’s unique brand, ensuring that every interaction feels personal and directly connected to their business ethos.


The mastery of Listing to Leads extends into its integration capabilities. Recognizing that no real estate professional is an island, the platform bridges connections with a plethora of third-party software via the powerful conduit of Zapier, linking over 3,000 applications. This seamless integration transforms Listing to Leads into the central hub of a real estate agent’s operational universe, ensuring that workflows are not just maintained but optimized for peak efficiency.

Whether it’s syncing with cutting-edge CRM systems like BoomTown and Follow Up Boss, or tapping into the sophisticated analytics of PieSync, Listing to Leads ensures that every digital thread is woven into a cohesive tapestry of productivity and success. With these tools at their disposal, real estate professionals can turn the tide of the market, making every listing, every lead, and every deal a testament to the transformative power of strategic marketing.

As we navigate the intricate features of Listing to Leads, it’s clear that this platform is more than just a service; it’s a catalyst for growth, a harbinger of success in the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of real estate marketing.

Using Listing to Leads

Welcome to the powerhouse of real estate marketing—Listing to Leads. This platform is an ally for agents who are embarking on the journey of transforming mere listings into a wellspring of potential leads. To ensure a smooth start, Listing to Leads offers a guided tour for newcomers along with a comprehensive video overview, laying the foundation for what could be the game-changer in your real estate marketing strategy.

Dashboard and Listings

Imagine a command center where all your real estate missions are planned and monitored. The Dashboard is precisely that—a digital strategist’s dream. It greets you with a slew of tutorials, educational content, and updates on your listings and landing pages. Here, the “Listings” section beckons, offering the simplicity of adding property listings with a manual touch or the efficiency of importing them en masse. Remember, the way you set the status of your property listing is not just a detail—it’s a strategic move for different lead generation tactics.

Marketing Tools

Dive into the treasure trove of marketing tools that Listing to Leads provides. Whether you’re crafting your narrative for Facebook and Instagram Ads, plotting your conquest through Google Ads, or engaging your audience with captivating social media posts and eFlyers—this platform gives you the reins. Flexibility is key, allowing you to customize and edit your property listings down to the fine details, adding that personal touch which can make all the difference. You’re not just changing a listing’s status; you’re setting the stage for the story you want to tell.

As you navigate through the user-friendly interface, you can sense the potential unfolding before you. Each tool, each feature is designed to not just list properties, but to create a narrative around them, to capture the essence of what makes each property unique, and to share that story with the world. With Listing to Leads, you are not just selling homes—you’re crafting dreams, and every edit, every campaign you set up is a brushstroke in this artful endeavor of real estate marketing.

In the bustling world of real estate, where every lead is a step closer to success, Listing to Leads positions you at the forefront—equipped, empowered, and ready to conquer.


Embarking on a digital journey through the realm of real estate marketing with Listing to Leads is tantalizingly within reach, thanks to their accessible entry point: a free 14-day trial. This enticing offer allows professionals to immerse themselves in the platform’s capabilities without immediate commitment, yet the practicalities of a post-trial world beckon with transparent pricing schemes tailored to meet diverse needs.

As real estate agents hover over the decision to integrate Listing to Leads into their strategic arsenal, they are greeted with clearly outlined monthly plans on the website, crafted with individual agents in mind. The pricing, reflective of the platform’s value, hinges not on the volume of leads generated—a testament to the system’s focus on quality—but rather on the number of total listings maintained within the account.

For those operating on a grander scale—offices, teams, and lenders—a more personalized approach is necessitated. Listing to Leads extends an invitation for dialogue, prompting interested parties to reach out for a tailored quote. This personalized interaction ensures that the pricing structure aligns seamlessly with the scale and scope of their operations, cementing the platform’s commitment to providing a bespoke experience.

It’s worth noting that the allure of this package is not diluted by hidden costs; the monthly pricing for individual agents is presented without the inclusion of ad expenses, ensuring no unexpected financial surprises lie in wait.

As the narrative of each property listing is delicately crafted using the marketing tools Listing to Leads offers, agents can rest assured that their storytelling prowess is supported by a pricing strategy designed to empower rather than encumber. With customization and personalization at their fingertips, real estate professionals are free to weave compelling tales that resonate with potential buyers, all the while supported by a clear and coherent pricing structure.

In summary, Listing to Leads positions itself as a beacon of clarity in an often convoluted marketplace, ensuring that its pricing is as straightforward and transparent as the benefits it promises to deliver. With the trial acting as a gateway, agents are welcomed to explore the platform’s potential and consider how its cost aligns with their ambitions and the narratives they wish to create.

Pros and Cons of Listing to Leads

In the intricate dance of real estate marketing, Listing to Leads emerges as a choreographer, orchestrating a symphony of strategies to captivate potential buyers and sellers. This platform’s allure lies in its innovative approach to lead generation, beckoning agents towards a path less trodden where property listings are the stars of the show. But like any production, there are both standing ovations and critical reviews to consider.

Advantages: The platform presents a treasure trove of benefits. It’s akin to finding a secret garden where each path leads to a different landscape of opportunities. The heart of its prowess is an alternative lead generation approach, which focuses on leveraging the narrative of property listings to engage prospects. This not only differentiates one’s marketing but also creates a deeper connection with those who are emotionally invested in the storytelling aspect of their future home.

Listing to Leads also offers the gift of time – a reduced pathway to impactful lead generation campaigns. Time, as any seasoned real estate professional knows, is a currency in itself. By streamlining the process, agents can launch campaigns with the swiftness of a hawk, ensuring that their listings don’t languish in the abyss of the unnoticed. Moreover, the potential to craft unique ad creatives and marketing materials is a beacon for those yearning to stand out in a sea of uniformity, allowing for a tailor-made suit in a world of off-the-rack solutions.

Challenges: However, even the most verdant gardens have their thorns. One such prickly aspect is the additional ad budget requirement. While the platform itself is a bastion of clarity in pricing, the campaigns you run may require a separate stream of funding to ensure their visibility across the vast digital landscape.

Another potential pitfall is the risk of homogeneity. In a world where many real estate agents are vying for attention, there’s a chance that the ad creatives and marketing materials provided by Listing to Leads could become the common tongue. This scenario could lead to the inadvertent blending in of one’s campaign, rather than the desired effect of standing out.

These pros and cons paint a vivid picture of what Listing to Leads offers to the real estate maestros seeking to compose their magnum opus. It is a tale of potential triumph and caution, where each agent must weigh the scales and decide if this is the instrument that will harmonize with their marketing concerto.

As we continue to delve deeper into this platform’s offerings, it’s essential to bear in mind that the right tools, when masterfully employed, can elevate one’s marketing narrative from a mere whisper in the wind to a resounding echo through the halls of market success.

User Reviews

When it comes to making an informed decision about a digital service, user testimonials and reviews are invaluable. Real estate agents considering Listing to Leads as a tool for boosting their marketing strategy often turn to feedback from peers who have navigated the platform’s waters before them.

Scouring the internet for authentic user experiences, one might find a treasure trove of insights on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Here, agents have unfurled their stories, most of which highlight minor skirmishes with subscription renewals – a common hiccup in the digital service arena. These anecdotes, while not epic sagas, provide a glimpse into the day-to-day interactions users have with the Listing to Leads platform.

For those wary of entanglement in unwanted subscriptions, the cancellation process is designed to be a breath of fresh air. Simplicity reigns supreme as users can navigate to their profile and with a few clicks, part ways with the service, should their journey with Listing to Leads reach its end. A screenshot, often included in these discussions, demystifies the process, showcasing a user-friendly interface that stands as a testament to the platform’s commitment to a hassle-free user experience.

Indeed, the digital footprint of Listing to Leads is marked by such user narratives that, collectively, sketch a portrait of a platform that, while not without its occasional thorns, provides a garden of opportunities for real estate agents to cultivate leads and blossom in a competitive market.

For those eager to dive deeper and harvest more opinions, the journey doesn’t end with the BBB. Prospective users can glean insights from various online forums and discussion boards where the successes and tribulations with Listing to Leads are laid bare for all to see. Each review, whether it sings praises or whispers caution, contributes a verse to the grand narrative of Listing to Leads’ place in the real estate marketing toolkit.

As we consider these accounts, let us prepare to weigh them against the backdrop of the platform’s features, pricing, and the strategic role it may play in an agent’s quest for marketing excellence. The tapestry of user reviews serves not as an endpoint but as a guidepost on this exploration into the world of Listing to Leads.


In the intricate tapestry of real estate marketing, Listing to Leads emerges as a vibrant thread, weaving together technology and strategy to empower real estate professionals. Its multifaceted platform serves not just as a tool, but as a digital ally, promising to revolutionize the way agents capture and nurture leads. In the pursuit of marketing excellence, it stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in an industry where time is as valuable as the properties at stake.

The architecture of Listing to Leads is designed with the user in mind, offering an array of features that can be fine-tuned to the unique branding and outreach methodologies of each agent. From its seamless integrations with top-tier software like BoomTown and RealGeeks, to its capacity for generating visually stunning marketing materials, the platform aims to place its users a cut above the rest.

But beyond its impressive suite of tools, Listing to Leads encapsulates a philosophy that resonates with the heart of real estate marketing: the art of connection. By automating the mundane yet crucial tasks, it frees the modern realtor to focus on what truly matters—fostering genuine relationships with clients. This commitment to both the science and soul of sales is what makes the platform a beacon for agents navigating the competitive seas of the real estate marketplace.

As we delve deeper into the intricacies of Listing to Leads, let us remember that the true measure of such a service extends beyond its technical prowess. It lies in the success stories, the communities built, and the dreams realized through the harmonious blend of human ambition and digital acumen.

Embark on the next chapter of your real estate journey with an understanding of the strengths that Listing to Leads brings to the table. As we continue to explore the nuances of this platform, we invite you to reflect on how its offerings align with your personal quest for marketing mastery.

Q: What is Listing to Leads?
A: Listing to Leads is a real estate lead generation service provider that offers a combination of done-for-you and self-serving features. It aims to automate the real estate lead generation process.

Q: What are the features of Listing to Leads?
A: Listing to Leads offers several features, including software integrations with popular platforms like BoomTown, Contactually, Follow Up Boss, and more. It also provides email forwarding to other CRM systems and offers over 3,000 integrations via Zapier.

Q: How much does Listing to Leads cost?
A: Listing to Leads offers a free 14-day trial for users to try out their services. However, the pricing details are not provided in the given facts.

Q: Are there any user reviews available for Listing to Leads?
A: The given facts mention that user reviews are included in the article, but the actual reviews are not provided.

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