Is Corporate Housing by Owner the Ultimate Solution? Unveiling All Reviews in One Place

by Conor Mckay

Welcome to, your go-to resource for all things related to corporate housing by owner. If you’ve ever wondered how this unique accommodation option works or how property owners can benefit from it, you’re in the right place. We’ll explore the ins and outs of corporate housing by owner, uncover its additional features, weigh the pros and cons, and even share customer reviews. So, whether you’re a curious traveler or a property owner looking for alternatives, stick around for some valuable insights. Let’s dive in and uncover the secrets of corporate housing by owner together!

Understanding Corporate Housing by Owner

Imagine a digital marketplace, bustling with activity, where property magnates and individual owners display their furnished havens designed for the discerning corporate traveler. This is the essence of Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO), a platform that since 2006, has revolutionized the way owners connect with corporate clients seeking temporary homes.

Renowned for its user-friendly interface, CHBO has been a topic of discussion in esteemed publications such as USA Today, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times. Its digital footprint is impressive, with millions of visitors navigating its listings, all in search of that perfect corporate abode.

The platform’s specialty lies in its monthly rental model, appealing to professionals who require more than just a few nights’ stay. The introduction of the CHBO Complete property standards program has further cemented its reputation, guiding owners to tailor their offerings to meet high corporate standards.

CHBO Feature Detail
Launch Date March 2006
Rental Model Monthly private residence rentals
CHBO Complete Property standards program for owners
Publications Featured In USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times

As a property owner or investor focusing on furnished rentals for corporate clients, you might already be familiar with the promise of CHBO. If not, let this be your introduction to a platform that could unfold a plethora of opportunities for your real estate ventures.

CHBO connections are not limited to individual property managers but extend to corporate housing companies, creating a comprehensive network that caters to a broad range of housing needs. The properties listed on Corporate Housing by Owner are a testament to the diversity and individuality that owners and property managers bring to the corporate housing market.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the workings of CHBO and uncover how it could serve as a pivotal tool for your property management strategy.

How Does Corporate Housing by Owner Work?

Embarking on the journey with Corporate Housing by Owner is akin to unlocking a treasure trove of residential gems, tailored to the unique needs of today’s corporate traveler. Imagine a platform where convenience and choice converge, offering a seamless path to find your home-away-from-home. Here’s how the intuitive process unfolds:

Upon landing on the homepage, your quest begins with a simple yet pivotal action. A click on the “Need Housing” beckons, leading you into a space where preferences are not just met, but anticipated. Enter your desired city, the dates of your sojourn, and pet accommodations—if your furry companion is joining the adventure. The platform respects the diversity of its users, ensuring that even the smallest details, such as pet-friendliness, are not overlooked.

As you delve deeper, the specificity of your search sharpens. You’ll outline the length of your stay, the number of bedrooms to accommodate your living needs, the anticipated move-in date, and a price range that aligns with your budget. This is where the platform truly shines, as it distills the vast array of options into a curated selection that resonates with your criteria.

For those with a penchant for organization, cities are listed alphabetically—a nod to the user-friendly nature of the site. Select a city and you’re met with a collage of available properties, each accompanied by pertinent city insights such as its heartbeat—the population—and the pulsing veins of its economy, the major industries fueling its growth.

Each property listing is a microcosm of information, with vivid photographs inviting you to visualize your potential new abode. The features and descriptions are meticulously detailed, providing a sense of the property’s character and charm. Amenities are highlighted, rates and availability are transparent, and reviews from past tenants offer a glimpse into the lived experience within those walls. It’s a digital open house, available at your fingertips.

For the decisive planner, the platform grants the ability to save favored properties for later contemplation. Registered users can curate a personalized list, allowing them to return to their selections and make an informed decision without the pressure of time.

Each step on Corporate Housing by Owner is designed to be a stride towards simplicity and satisfaction in securing corporate housing. With meticulous attention to detail and an array of features at your disposal, the platform stands as a beacon of efficiency in the world of temporary housing arrangements.

How Property Owners Benefit from Corporate Housing by Owner

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property won’t languish empty for months on end. For property owners, Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) is more than just a listing platform—it’s a gateway to a bustling market of corporate renters seeking the comfort and convenience of a furnished home. With a range of tailored pricing plans designed to meet diverse needs, CHBO enables owners to showcase both unfurnished and furnished properties with ease.

With CHBO, say goodbye to the uncertainty of the rental game. The company’s bold promise is simple yet powerful: secure a renter within 30 days or enjoy an extended subscription. This guarantee, exclusive to new annual packages with the exception of the bronze plan, is a testament to CHBO’s confidence in its ability to deliver results. It’s a commitment that resonates with property owners, offering a valuable safety net that underscores the platform’s effectiveness.

For those seeking to maximize visibility, CHBO offers the opportunity to elevate listings through Silver, Gold, and Platinum/Certified plans. This premium placement doesn’t just increase exposure; it places your property in a distinguished space within the search results, signaling prestige and attention to potential renters. Furthermore, owners can delve into the performance of their listings with insightful analytics, tracking views and engagement to inform their marketing strategies.

The allure of CHBO doesn’t end there. The platform caters to the discerning eye of the corporate client through high-resolution photos and the option to include a virtual tour. By guiding prospective tenants through the space with a click, owners can provide an immersive experience that captures the unique ambiance of their property, enhancing its appeal and shortening the path to rental.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the corporate housing market, CHBO’s comprehensive offerings are designed to streamline the rental process, ensuring your property stands out and reaches its ideal audience. With a suite of tools and services at your disposal, CHBO empowers you to transform your property into a sought-after corporate haven.

Additional Features of Corporate Housing by Owner

Immersing oneself in the Corporate Housing by Owner experience unveils a tapestry of thoughtful features designed to elevate the journey of finding or listing a temporary home. The platform’s additional features are like hidden gems, offering both convenience and confidence to users.

Imagine stepping into a property without leaving your desk. With CHBO, a virtual tour becomes a portal to prospective renters, allowing them to navigate through spaces with ease and certainty. This digital showcase can be effortlessly added to listings by owners who simply need to log in, navigate to the “my listings” tab, and integrate this immersive experience with a click on the edit button.

Flexibility reigns supreme on CHBO, as there is no binding exclusivity requirement. Property owners are free to broadcast their listings across various channels – a symphony of opportunities to find the perfect renter. Yet, with such freedom comes the responsibility of meticulousness; updating the availability calendar is crucial to prevent scheduling dissonance between CHBO and other mediums where the property makes its appearance.

CHBO understands the importance of a seamless tenant onboarding process. To this end, they provide a suite of resources including sample rental agreements. These templates act as a starting point, which owners can then fine-tune with legal guidance to ensure compliance with the nuances of local laws. It’s a collaborative dance between CHBO’s resources and a lawyer’s expertise, culminating in a legally sound and bespoke rental agreement.

Furthermore, the partnership with SmartMove by TransUnion offers a sophisticated tenant screening service. This alliance empowers property owners with comprehensive reports, offering a crystal-clear view of a potential tenant’s background. It’s a step towards peace of mind, ensuring that the keys to one’s property are handed over to a trustworthy individual.

In sum, CHBO’s commitment to providing a robust platform extends beyond mere listings. It’s a commitment to nurturing trust, enhancing visibility, and simplifying the logistics of corporate housing. Each additional feature is a thread in the fabric of a seamless rental experience, woven with the user’s needs at its core.

Pros and Cons of Using Corporate Housing by Owner

In the diverse landscape of rental platforms, Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) emerges as a beacon of specialized service for property owners and corporate tenants alike. While this innovative platform garners applause for its ability to streamline the arduous process of corporate rentals, it is essential to navigate the advantages and limitations with a discerning eye.

The Advantages

An undeniable strength of CHBO lies in its exceptional customer service, which acts as a lifeline for users navigating the complexities of corporate housing. Property owners find solace in the rent guarantee offered under certain pricing plans, a safety net that ensures financial security against unforeseen vacancies. Moreover, the platform lends a helping hand with tenant onboarding – the provision of sample rental agreements and tenant screening services through partners simplifies the initial stages of leasing for owners.

The Drawbacks

However, every rose has its thorns, and CHBO is no exception. Users sometimes balk at the cost, finding the plans to be on the pricier side, especially when weighed against the absence of free trial periods to test the waters. Furthermore, the intricacy of the tenant inquiry forms can be a double-edged sword; while detail-oriented screening benefits meticulous owners, it may deter potential renters seeking a more streamlined approach. Lastly, the lack of transparency regarding the pricing of bulk plans requires prospective users to dig deeper than the main pricing page, adding an extra layer of effort in their decision-making process.

While these pros and cons paint a vivid picture of the CHBO experience, it is crucial for interested parties to consider their unique needs and resources before taking the plunge into this corporate housing solution. The platform’s features, tailored to bridge the gap between property owners and corporate clients, might resonate perfectly with some, while others may find themselves in search of different seas to sail.

As we continue to unravel the tapestry of CHBO, bear in mind these mixed reviews, and let’s delve deeper into the nuanced experiences of customers who have navigated the CHBO journey.

Customer Reviews of Corporate Housing by Owner

In the world of real estate, word-of-mouth and customer testimonials are as solid as the foundations of a high-rise. The feedback on Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) is as varied as the properties listed on their platform. Some landlords and property managers sing praises, lauding CHBO as the cornerstone of their rental business. These users have found it to be an invaluable resource for connecting with corporate clients and filling their furnished units with ease.

On the flip side, there are those who have not heard the sweet sound of success ring from their listings. A number of property owners have voiced their frustration, detailing experiences where their attractive and well-situated properties have languished in online obscurity, garnering little to no interest from the corporate clientele they were targeting. This has led to a sentiment of disappointment, with some considering their investment in the platform as a sunk cost.

One of the more contentious points among users is the absence of a free trial period. Property owners, particularly those new to the corporate housing market, often look for opportunities to test the waters before diving in headfirst with their hard-earned money. The upfront fee, which CHBO charges without offering a trial run, has been a stumbling block for some, causing them to hesitate in embracing the service wholeheartedly.

The upfront fee is also non-refundable, which adds an extra layer of risk for property owners. It’s a commitment that demands trust in the platform’s ability to deliver results. For those who’ve had a bounty of tenant inquiries, the fee is a small price to pay. However, for others, it’s a gamble that hasn’t paid off, leaving them to wonder if their funds might have been better allocated elsewhere.

Despite the mixed reviews, CHBO remains a topic of interest in the furnished rental market. Property owners looking to tap into the corporate sector weigh these reviews carefully, hoping to glean insights that will help them make an informed decision about whether CHBO is the right partner for their rental venture.

As the narrative of CHBO continues to unfold with each new customer experience, the platform’s story is one of peaks and valleys. It’s clear that while some have reached the summit of success, others are still navigating the tricky terrain of the corporate housing landscape.

For potential users of CHBO, the reviews serve as a guide, but not a definitive map. Each property is unique, and success on the platform may vary. As we delve further into the offerings of CHBO, keep these customer stories in mind—they are the real-life experiences behind the glossy facade of online listings and marketing materials.

Alternatives to Corporate Housing by Owner

In the ever-evolving world of furnished rentals, property owners and managers must navigate the waters of various platforms to find their ideal corporate clientele. While Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) has become a notable beacon in this specialized market, the mixed reviews it has garnered compel many to set their sights on alternative shores.

Imagine the story of a property owner—let’s call her Emma. Emma’s chic, fully furnished apartment, with its sleek design and prime location, seems like a perfect match for corporate renters. Yet, after months of listing on CHBO, the silence is deafening. The upfront fee feels like a weight rather than an investment. This is where exploring other venues becomes not just an option, but a necessity.

Craigslist, the venerable classifieds giant, offers a free platform where Emma can cast a wider net. Its housing section is a bustling marketplace where she can post detailed listings, complete with vivid photos of her stylish abode. The cost? Nothing but a few minutes of her time.

Then there’s the global phenomenon of Airbnb. Though not exclusively targeting the corporate sector, Airbnb’s massive audience and flexible booking options mean Emma can tailor her listing to appeal to business travelers. With its per-transaction fee model, she only pays when her property is generating income—music to the ears of any savvy investor.

Both Craigslist and Airbnb offer unique advantages. Craigslist brings simplicity and a broad audience, while Airbnb provides a sophisticated booking system and the potential for higher visibility. But with these platforms come their own challenges: Craigslist’s lack of vetting can invite less serious inquiries, and Airbnb’s competitive nature means Emma must ensure her listing stands out from the crowd.

For property owners and managers, these alternatives to CHBO might be the key to unlocking a stream of corporate renters. As with any tale of business, it’s about finding the right match for your story—the platform that resonates with your property’s narrative and connects you to the audience you seek.

So, while CHBO remains a significant player in the corporate housing arena, it’s essential to remember that the landscape is vast and varied. Exploring different channels could lead to unexpected and rewarding opportunities. After all, every property has its own character, and its success may lie in the diversity of its audience.

Final Thoughts

Embarking on the journey of corporate rentals can be as thrilling as it is daunting. With Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO), you have a platform at your fingertips that might just be the golden ticket to unlocking a steady stream of discerning corporate clients. Yet, as with any venture, it’s important to approach it with a blend of optimism and caution.

Imagine for a moment, your property, once quiet, now bustling with the energy of professionals seeking a home away from home. CHBO promises such potential, offering a specialized marketplace where your furnished abode can shine. But what’s the catch? The tales of mixed success whisper a word of warning—this platform is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

It’s akin to casting a line into a vast ocean; sometimes you might reel in a big catch, other times, you might need to patiently wait or try different bait. CHBO could be a lucrative addition to your property marketing mix, but it requires weighing the costs against the benefits.

For those with a penchant for adventure and a budget to match, testing the waters of CHBO could be a worthwhile experiment. However, the whispers of discontent among past users suggest that this platform may not be the ideal choice for everyone.

As we peel back the layers of CHBO, we uncover a complex tapestry of features and feedback. It’s paramount for property owners and managers to tread carefully, considering each thread of insight as they weave their own narrative within the corporate housing market.

Before you embark on this path, take a moment to reflect on the mosaic of experiences shared by others. Let their stories guide you, but also trust in your unique journey to find the right marketing avenues for your property. Whether CHBO becomes a chapter in your success story or a learning curve, it’s a path worth exploring for those ready to navigate its waters.

Remember, the world of corporate housing is as diverse as it is dynamic. With every property comes a new opportunity to connect, to host, and to succeed. CHBO is but one piece of the puzzle, and it’s up to you to determine how it fits into your grand design.

Tobias Schnellbacher invites you to continue this exploration, delving deeper into the labyrinth of leasing and discovering how each piece can contribute to your property’s narrative. Stay tuned, as the journey is just beginning.

FAQ & Related Questions

Q: What is Corporate Housing by Owner?
A: Corporate Housing by Owner is a platform that connects individual property managers, property owners, and corporate housing companies.

Q: When was Corporate Housing by Owner launched?
A: Corporate Housing by Owner was launched in March 2006.

Q: What is the “CHBO complete” property standards program?
A: The “CHBO complete” property standards program is a feature offered by Corporate Housing by Owner that helps owners rent their properties by providing guidelines and standards.

Q: Can I promote my furnished rental properties on Corporate Housing by Owner?
A: Yes, if you are a property owner or investor focusing on furnished rentals for corporate clients, you can promote your properties on the Corporate Housing by Owner platform.

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