Is the Mojo Dialer Worth the Hype? A Comprehensive and Unbiased Review

by Conor Mckay

Looking for a dialer that will bring back your mojo? Look no further! In this unbiased review, we dive deep into the world of Mojo Dialer, exploring its features, pricing, and alternatives. Whether you’re a sales professional or a business owner, Mojo Dialer has the power to revolutionize your calling game. Say goodbye to tedious manual dialing and hello to increased efficiency and cost savings. So, let’s dial into the Mojo Dialer review and discover how this tool can elevate your sales game to new heights!

What is Mojo Dialer?

Imagine a world where the drudgery of manual dialing vanishes, and a symphony of automated calls plays the sweet tune of efficiency. That’s the reality Mojo Dialer brings to real estate professionals. This powerful tool, which emerged in 2001, revolutionizes the way agents interact with potential clients. By weaving together advanced technology with the personal touch of a phone call, Mojo Dialer stands as a beacon of innovation in the real estate prospecting landscape.

Designed with the zeal of a realtor in mind, Mojo Dialer is more than just software—it’s a catalyst for conversation. It propels agents through their call lists with the grace of a seasoned dancer, ensuring that every step, every call, is placed with purpose and precision. Whether it’s reaching out to a list of FSBOs or reconnecting with expired listings, Mojo Dialer serves as the ultimate wingman, enhancing the bond between agent and lead.

Feature Description
Year Founded 2001
Primary Users Real Estate Professionals
Main Functionality Automatic Dialing, Lead Management
Unique Offerings FSBO & Expired Listing Leads
Integration Supports Third-Party Software Integration

By harnessing the power of Mojo Dialer, an agent’s day is transformed. The monotonous task of dialing numbers is replaced by a flurry of strategic calls, each with the potential to convert a lead into a lucrative appointment. This isn’t just about technology; it’s about reclaiming time and investing it where it counts—in relationships and closing deals.

For those wondering about the legality and ethical implications of such a tool, rest assured, Mojo Dialer operates within the framework of industry regulations, ensuring that agents maintain a professional and respectful approach to prospecting. A blend of automation and authenticity, Mojo Dialer respects the fine line between persistence and intrusion, making it a trusted ally in the real estate arena.

As we navigate through the intricacies of Mojo Dialer, let us dive deeper into the key features that make it an indispensable tool for the modern real estate professional. But first, let’s explore the seamless integration capabilities that allow Mojo Dialer to synergize with other essential applications in the next section.

Key Features of Mojo Dialer

Unlocking the full potential of a real estate agent’s day involves more than just hustle; it’s about leveraging the right tools to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Among these game-changing tools is the Mojo Dialer, designed to turbocharge the outreach efforts of savvy real estate professionals. Let’s dive deep into the key features that make Mojo Dialer an indispensable asset.

1. Dialing Process

The heart of Mojo Dialer lies in its intuitive dialing process. Imagine connecting to a system that becomes your personal assistant, dialing out numbers with precision while you focus on the art of conversation. With Mojo Dialer, busy signals, unanswered calls, and disconnected numbers are swiftly bypassed, ensuring your time is spent only on calls with potential. The ability to leave pre-recorded messages on answering machines exemplifies how the system respects both the agent’s and the prospect’s time.

2. Lead Manager

At the core of an agent’s success is effective lead management, and Mojo Dialer’s Lead Manager is the command center for this critical task. Its robust system lets you craft calling lists, curate custom workflows, and neatly categorize contact data for targeted campaigns. Integration with Zapier opens a universe of possibilities, linking your lead management to a plethora of third-party applications, hence creating a seamless ecosystem for your prospecting activities.

3. Dialer Feature

Mojo’s Dialer is the powerhouse of the platform, offering a spectrum of dialing options. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, the click-to-call functionality is a gem, allowing agents to nurture leads with a personal touch. When it’s time to dial up the pace, the automated single-line power dialing can churn out an impressive 85 calls per hour, while the multi-line power dialing skyrockets this number to 300. With advanced calling filters and sales logic, the system intelligently streamlines the calling process.

4. Mojo Data

Mojo Data is like a goldmine for agents, providing a rich vein of leads to tap into. It sifts through the noise to bring you expired, off-market, and those ever-elusive FSBO leads. The innovative geo data feature allows for hyper-local targeting, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in your neighborhood. And with ‘National Do Not Call Scrubbing’, you can maintain professionalism by respecting privacy regulations.

5. Mojo Marketing

Marketing is the sizzle to your steak, and Mojo Marketing ensures your brand’s message is both potent and heard. Create eye-catching direct mail campaigns with ready-to-use templates, and watch as your email marketing efforts yield tangible results with detailed performance metrics. The real game-changer? Being notified when a lead engages with your email, allowing you to strike while the iron is hot.

6. Mojo Dashboard

The Mojo Dashboard is where goals transform into achievements. A personal and team performance tracker, it’s the compass that guides your prospecting journey. Set targets, track calls, and let the Team Leaderboard foster a spirit of healthy competition. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about driving growth and excellence across your team.

7. Mobile App

For the agent on the move, the Mojo Mobile App keeps you connected to your database, tasks, and appointments. With alerts that ensure you never miss a beat and the ‘Mojo ID’ feature that instantly identifies incoming calls from leads, your business is as mobile as you are. It’s about being present, responsive, and available, no matter where you are.

Each feature of the Mojo Dialer is a cog in a well-oiled machine, designed to streamline the day-to-day operations of real estate agents. By integrating these powerful tools, agents can transform their workflow, nurture their leads more effectively, and ultimately, close more deals. In the world of real estate, time is precious, and Mojo Dialer ensures every second counts.

Integration with Third-Party Applications

In the digital age, where versatility is the name of the game, Mojo Dialer embraces the power of integration to extend its already robust capabilities. Although direct texting features are absent from its native offerings, Mojo Dialer becomes a communications powerhouse when paired with the right third-party applications, allowing it to seamlessly weave texting campaigns into its fabric.

Enter Zapier, a digital maestro conducting an orchestra of over 500 apps in harmony with Mojo Dialer. This integration platform is a bridge between Mojo Dialer and a world of functionality, and with it, real estate agents can orchestrate their outreach strategies with precision. Zapier’s ‘Zaps’—a clever shorthand for its app integrations—unlock the potential for agents to send personalized text messages, engage in SMS marketing, and maintain the personal touch that’s so crucial in real estate relationships.

Through Zapier’s inventive pathways, Mojo Dialer users can connect with a suite of texting tools such as:

  • Slybroadcast for sending voicemail messages directly to the client’s inbox without ringing their phone
  • ClickSend SMS for global text messaging services
  • Twilio for a robust cloud communications platform that allows sending and receiving text messages
  • Text Magic for an all-in-one text messaging service
  • Avochato for streamlined text-based customer service
  • Heymarket SMS for shared messaging inboxes
  • SimpleTexting for engaging SMS campaigns
  • And many more, each offering unique features that cater to different aspects of SMS engagement.

These integrations not only allow for the sending of text messages but also pave the way for enhanced lead management. By syncing data between Mojo Dialer and these applications, agents can ensure that no conversation is lost and every lead is nurtured with the utmost care.

Imagine being able to send a bulk text to a segment of leads that have shown interest in a particular property type, or receiving text responses directly into Mojo Dialer’s lead manager for quick follow-up. This level of integration creates a seamless experience that saves time, fosters efficiency, and keeps the real estate agent connected to their prospects and clients.

By leveraging the power of these third-party applications, Mojo Dialer users can craft a personalized touch in a digital world, ensuring that every lead is tended to with a blend of automation and personal care.

While the art of the deal in real estate often hinges on human connection, these technological integrations ensure that agents can balance scale with personalization—sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Mojo Dialer Pricing

When it comes to equipping your real estate business with the right tools, understanding the cost is crucial. Mojo Dialer tailors its pricing structure to accommodate both individual agents and dynamic sales teams, ensuring that every type of user finds a plan that suits their calling needs and budget constraints.

Imagine a single real estate agent, ready to take the leap into more efficient client engagement. For such go-getters, Mojo Dialer extends its services at a monthly rate of $99 for a single-line dialer license. This plan is perfect for those who prefer a focused approach, calling one client at a time. However, for agents who thrive on multitasking and wish to triple their outreach, the $149 triple-line dialer license becomes the weapon of choice, allowing simultaneous calls for maximized efficiency.

For teams, where collaboration and shared goals are the keystones of success, Mojo Dialer offers a team-friendly pricing model. It begins with a $10 per user charge for the lead manager, an essential role for orchestrating the team’s lead generation efforts. Further, the team-based single-line and triple-line dialer licenses are available at $89 and $139, respectively. This pricing ensures that whether you have a small squad or a large battalion, your team’s calling capabilities can scale flexibly with your ambitions.

But the customization doesn’t end there. Mojo Dialer also presents a variety of add-ons via its “Lead Store” to enrich your lead collection arsenal. For those targeting hyper-local markets, the neighborhood search feature is a gem, available at an additional $49 per month. And when it’s time to tap into the niche market of rent-by-owner leads, a mere $25 per month per county can set you on the right path.

For agents with an eye for opportunity in the form of expired listings data, Mojo Dialer asks for $50 per month per area—a small price for the potential windfall of reviving interest in properties once left by the wayside. Lastly, for those who pursue the ever-promising For Sale By Owner (FSBO) leads, a nominal $25 per month per county can be complemented with an additional $49 per month for the skip tracer service, ensuring that no lead goes unexplored.

With this well-structured pricing model, Mojo Dialer positions itself as a versatile platform that can adapt to the varied needs of the real estate world, offering agents and teams the power to optimize their outreach without overspending. As you consider the options, visualize the potential growth that could stem from such a tailored calling solution—Mojo Dialer could well be the catalyst for your next big closing.

Mojo Dialer Alternatives

Embarking on a quest for the perfect dialing solution can be as intricate and personal as searching for the right home. For the real estate professional, the dialer is not just a tool but a pillar of productivity. While Mojo Dialer has established itself as a stalwart companion in the industry, a landscape of alternatives sprawls out, each with its own unique blueprint, designed to cater to varying needs and preferences.

One such contender in the realm of dialers is CallTools, a robust platform that prides itself on providing a seamless integration of power dialing and customer relationship management. The key distinction here is their emphasis on a user-friendly interface and advanced reporting capabilities, which offer real-time insights into call metrics.

For those who are laser-focused on lead quality, Vulcan 7 stands as a formidable rival to Mojo Dialer. Vulcan 7 makes its mark with specialized lead data like FSBOs, expired listings, and pre-foreclosure leads, striving to give agents a competitive edge in the fast-paced real estate arena.

Another noteworthy alternative is Redx, which targets a niche of real estate professionals looking to tap into expired listings and potential sellers with precision. Redx’s platform is streamlined for simplicity, allowing agents to concentrate on the conversation rather than the complexity of the system.

Last but not least, Xencall enters the fray with a voice-integrated CRM, pushing the envelope of innovation by merging intelligent call routing with a suite of analytic tools. This integration aims to provide agents with a comprehensive view of their prospecting landscape.

While each of these alternatives provides a similar fundamental service—the automatic dialing of a pre-defined list with the ability to skip non-working numbers—their individual features, pricing structures, and overall user experience can vary significantly. It’s crucial for agents to weigh these differences against their personal and team goals. To navigate this terrain effectively, one must consider not only the cost but also the depth of integration with third-party applications, the quality of support services, and the adaptability of the platform to their unique workflows.

Choosing the right dialer is akin to selecting the perfect property; it’s an investment in your business’s future. As you continue through this article, take note of how each option could potentially serve as the foundation upon which your sales success is built. Consider the details provided as the blueprint to making an informed decision that aligns with your real estate ambitions.

Efficiency and Cost Savings with Mojo Dialer

The ancient adage “time is money” finds its truth in the bustling world of real estate. Picture the traditional method of prospecting: a relentless series of manual dials, each tick of the clock a reminder of the growing gap between effort and reward. The cost per acquisition, a sobering $86.4 per converted lead, reflects a process that is both time-consuming and financially draining. Enter Mojo Dialer, a harbinger of efficiency that beckons agents towards a new horizon of productivity.

Imagine the transformation as the cumbersome shackles of manual dialing are cast aside. With Mojo Dialer at the helm, agents are now able to navigate through calls with the precision of a seasoned captain at sea. The result? An impressive conversion of 1.7 leads into appointments each day, amounting to a staggering 60 leads per month. This surge in productivity is not just a mere increment – it’s a paradigm shift.

Let’s delve into the economics of this shift. The monthly subscription for this digital first mate stands at $297, a figure that pales in comparison to the revenue potential it unlocks. When the math is done, the cost per acquisition plummets to a mere $4.95 per converted lead. Such savings are not just numerical figures on a balance sheet; they represent the liberation from the drudgery of inefficiency. This is where Mojo Dialer doesn’t just add value – it multiplies it.

However, the allure of this system isn’t merely in the numbers. The true measure of its worth is in the quality of leads it helps secure and the number of appointments that blossom into successful sales or closings. It’s a tale of potential clients, once distant, now within reach thanks to the deft touch of technology. Each call, each conversation, is a step closer to the ultimate goal: turning prospects into profits.

For real estate professionals looking to carve a niche in the competitive market, the quest for efficiency is paramount. With Mojo Dialer, the path to achieving this is not just illuminated but also paved, making it an indispensable tool in the arsenal of modern-day real estate warriors.

As we continue to explore the multifaceted benefits of this system, it’s clear that its impact is not confined to mere cost savings. The ripple effect of its efficiency is felt throughout the entirety of one’s real estate practice, promising not just a better way to work, but a better way to succeed.


In the bustling world of sales, where every second counts, the Mojo Dialer emerges as a beacon of efficiency. Imagine a tool that not only simplifies the arduous task of dialing numbers but also transforms the tedious lead management process into a seamless operation. Mojo Dialer is that very instrument, wielding features like auto-dialing, robust lead management, and seamless CRM integration that harmonize to create a symphony of productivity for its users.

It’s not just about making calls—it’s about making smart calls. The Mojo Dialer is revered for its rapid-fire capabilities, enabling users to swiftly make their way through call lists, leaving no stone unturned in the quest for leads. This speed is coupled with a user-friendly interface that can be fine-tuned to individual preferences, ensuring that even the most unique of sales strategies can be accommodated.

But what truly sets the Mojo Dialer apart is its dedication to insights. With real-time analytics and reporting, sales professionals can dive into the data, scrutinizing call performance and outcomes. This is not merely a dialer; it is a microscope under which the efficacy of sales tactics can be examined and optimized.

While it’s a stalwart ally for real estate agents, its prowess is not confined to a single industry. The Mojo Dialer extends its capabilities to the realms of insurance, telemarketing, and beyond. Its versatility is further complemented by a spectrum of pricing plans designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses both large and small.

Ultimately, the Mojo Dialer stands as a powerful testament to how technology can amplify human potential. It’s not just a tool; it’s an upgrade to the sales arsenal, promising a future where lead generation and sales processes are not just streamlined, but supercharged.

FAQ & Related Questions

Q: What is Mojo Dialer?
A: Mojo Dialer is a prospecting platform with an automatic dialer software solution that supports real estate professionals in making calls.

Q: How does Mojo Dialer work?
A: Mojo Dialer’s most prominent feature, the Power Dialer, uses a copper-wire infrastructure to ensure high call quality. The dialing process starts by connecting to the Mojo Dialer through one outbound call, and then the dialer starts dialing the numbers.

Q: Is Mojo Dialer legal?
A: Mojo Dialer is a legitimate software solution and is not illegal to use.

Q: What are the monthly costs of Mojo Dialer?
A: The monthly costs of Mojo Dialer can vary, and it is recommended to visit their website for more information on pricing and plans.

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